2020 Nurse Practitioners Conference


Join us for the 2020 Nurse Practitioners Conference– Care giving for both the active and inactive Patients, June 6-10, 2020. The conference is held at Four Seasons Resort, it is a great location with all the amazing beaches at a walking distance.

Who can attend this conference?

  • Nurse Practitioners Conference is a worthy learning conference great for attaining knowledge about advanced medicine, child care, internal medicine, and health care to improve the health of inactive patients who wish to live a good lifestyle.
  • Moreover, general physicians, child care experts, pediatricians, physician Assistants, and other internal medicine specialists, who want to receive Continuing Medical Education can take part in this conference and gain the most benefits.
  • The conference is particularly focused on the nurse practitioners' providers who are willing to get good career and have a wish to enhance their medical profession.

Course Objectives

Our CME conferences held for nurse practitioners give the opportunity to make continuing medical education credits during the day, and then get long-term memories in surprising locations at night. Decide to get your nurse practitioner CME credits at locations at The Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore Santa California. In addition, our continuing education conference is an incredible course to engage with medical industry and learn in an interactive course sessions.

Benefits of Nurse Practitioner Conferences

Benefits includes the facility to learn innovative skills and knowledge, cooperate with the great speakers, associate with other nurse practitioners and other knowledgeable medical professionals from all over the country, and stay updated with the latest and the recent studies and medical innovations. Our 2020 CME Conference topics comprise Child Care, Dermatology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Cardiology.

Credit Info

In support of improving patient care, this session activity has been organized and implemented by the Institute for Medicine, Skin, Hearts, Bones and Private Parts. Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, Hawaii is jointly organized by the Council for Continuing Medical Education, America. Also, The Continuing medical education (CME) will be approved for CME hours

Continuing Medical Education Nursing

Conference and the sessions approved by the Board of Registered Nursing, California. Nurse practitioners can use CME credits for enhancing their professional continuing education requirements.We hope you will really join us for this remarkable week of health care education with colleagues and enjoy with your family and friends on the Four Seasons Resort. Best Regards,
The Conference Chairman
Co-Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship
Associate Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine

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