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Organic Search is most valuable thing to google and other search engines. As a newbie we don’t know what is organic search engine optimization and how to optimize on-page seo to get organic traffic? If you are working with google adsense you must need to know about on-page optimization. You must need need organic traffic and organic search. This is the most valuable thing to google as I know. So get your on-page optimization perfect.

What Is Organic Search Engine Optimization

At first you need to focus on your article because you are not writing for the search engine. You are writing for your readers. So write your article carefuly.

 Organic SEO refers to the method that all the procedures for search engine optimization are followed by the proper method of taking position on the search result.

To get your site to search results, you need to do on-page optimization

You do not need to pay to get your site to search result. Just follow some SEO techniques get your site rank in search engines.

The Importance Of Organic Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization can not be terminated. In other words, in order to achieve success in online blogging, marketing, business promotion and online blogger has to follow SEO techniquesWithout SEO, you can not achieve success in any online field. The reason for that everybody on the Internet is searching for everything needed by the search engine. Especially the use of Google search engines is extensive that there is no way to succeed in without Google search engine optimization. The use of google search engines has increased because of popular web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chrome are using google to their default search engines. So there is no alternative to make your blog / website popular without organic search or search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO Tactics Anatomy Of An SEO Friendly Website

Website Meta Tags are important it helps to organic search

    • Meta tags are html tags that tells the readers and search engines what your website is all about.
    • Meta tags generally not visible to the readers and are always placed in between the header tags. Only meta description tag is important, rest all meta tags are optional.
    • Meta description tags describe the contents of a website in short to readers and search engines crawlers and spiders.
    • Meta keywords tags describe the contents in short in keywords. These tags used to be important.
    • Meta robot tags tells the search engines crawlers and spider to follow, nofollow, index or noindex the contents of a website.
    • Meta author tags tell the search engines about the author of the website.

Content Length And Quality Is Very Important

    1.  In the seosphere and bloggsphere ‘content’ is considered to be “the king”.
    2. Content should be both of high quality and hight quantity.
    3. The average content length fo a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on google has at least 2,000 words.
    4. The higher up you go on the search listing page, the more content each page has.

So, the higher legnth of content get more organic search

    • If a website’s content is rich with usefull and in-depth information, readers for sure will love it and share your article on social media or link your content to their website which would increase the page authority of that content.
    • This would incerease the chances of that content to rank higher in the search engines and get more organic traffic from the search engines which is the ultimate achivement for an SEO experrt, a Business or Bloggers.
    • A lengthy article should consis of ‘long tal keywords’ and the logtail keywords should be included considering the search user’s intent.
    • The percentage of people who are searching for 2 or 3 word phrases is decreasing and the percentage of people who are searching for 4, 5 or even 8 word phrases is increasing.
    • If you want to capitalize on this, consider boosting the amount of content on your website as the more words you have on each page, the more likely you are to rank for longtail keywords.
    • If you want more traffic and higher conversions, you should go for high quality and quantity content of 1500 words or more, or more than your competitors.

Crafting And SEO Friendly Post Title

    • Place Title tags in <h1>. Search Engines give more importance to <h1> to <h6>
    • Write Title tags within or less than 60 characters. Search engines sometime display upto 60 characters, while sometimes omit characters more than 55.
    • You can not have more than one <title> element in an HTML document.
    • Title tags should be crafted after searching for high traffic, low competition keywords using google keyword planner tool and also according to search engine user’s necessity and intent.
    • suppose, a search engine user want to know how to torrent file downloaded on Android, then your post title should be “How to Download Torrents on Android?”.
    • By the importance, Post Title should be crafted in descending order, starting with the most important terms that must
    • placed at the beginning followed with the least important terms.
    • In addition Post title should be compelling enough so that user can not resist, but feel like checking out the article at any cost.
    • Post title that contains numbers get more clicks, “15 killer SEO Tactics only for Organic Search.”

Optimize Your Post With Keyword Placement

Place your selected keywords in proper place to get more and more organic search and organic traffic . So first thing is first. Let’s move to do this.

    • First of all Place your main keyword in the beginning of title.
    • Keyword in the beginning of first paragraph.
    • Keyword in the sub heading or <h2> element.
    • Main keyword should be in your permalink or url.
    • The density of your keyword should be less than three percent of your content.
    • Keyword in the middle of the post section.
    • Use keyword as blod or strong, italic and underline. at least one time.
    • Main keyword should be used as a “image alt text”.
    • Main keyword use in your post description tags.
    • Interlink with your another post or category.
    • Also Interlink with home page or other pages.

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