The Advantages of Guest Blogging

There are many benefits to becoming a regular guest blogger. You can grow your audience, build your online reputation, earn more links to your own blog or website, and meet influential people in your industry.


Guest posting on blogs related to your particular niche can expose you to a whole new community of people who are interested in your are a of expertise. These readers are your potential new fans, followers and long-term readers. If they like your work, they’ll promote it to their own fans and followers.

  • Short-term benefit – Quick spike of interest in your site or product.
  • Long-term benefit – Acquisition of loyal readers and followers.


Every time you write for a different blog with in a specific niche, more people interested in that subject area will become acquainted with your work. If you consistently produce high-quality content, you’ll soon win recognition and respect as an expert in your niche area. A credible online reputation will burnish your brand, helping you build trust
with prospective followers and customers.

  • Consistent guest blogging helps build trust and a solid reputation.


As your reputation grows and you reach more targeted communities, you will have increased the opportunity for your brand to go viral.

Guest bloggers can achieve viral popularity in two ways: slow and fast.

The slow way is to build a readership across many blogs. You’ll gradually spread your influence beyond each blog’s core readers to new ones as they share your Work with friends in Twitter, Facebook, google plus and other social networks.

The fast way requires a lot of hard work and more than a hint of good luck. If You manage to publish a guest blog spot on a particularly active and popular Site, your work could suddenly go viral. Your story could hit the front page of Digg, or get tweeted across the entire micro-blogosphere.

  • Short-term benefit – Reach front pages of popular social media sites indirectly by publishing your content on highly popular sites.
  • Long-term benefit – Build up a solid following by consistently exposing
    your work to social media users who frequent different blogs in your


Most guest bloggers write for established blogs – blogs that search engines regard as pillars of authority and trust in their specific niches. If you’re trying to earn high rankings in search results for your own blog or website, backlinks from these leading blogs can be worth their virtual weight in gold. They’ll add an air of relevance and authority to your own site.
Don’t treat guest blogging as just another link-building tactic. Most blog owners won’t post poorly written content that’s been designed solely to get links. On the other hand, well written articles that include links to relevant websites are more than welcome on most blogs.

  • Long-term benefit – Build up high-quality backlinks by providing useful content to high-authority established blogs.


The established bloggers in any given niche are often connected to prominent figures in the related industry. When you provide good content for these bloggers, you build your visibility and reputation with the people who matter in that industry.
When you’re first getting established, this is a great way to win attention for your brand. If you do a good job for the established leaders in your field, they’ll be more willing to help promote you and your future projects.

  • Long-term benefit – Establish solid relations with niche influencer’s and earn their support by providing high-quality content.
  • Remember, the key to guest blogging is to provide high-quality, original, relevant content that adds value to others in your niche. Always strive to produce your best work to make sure you get the most out of your guest blogging strategy.

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