Top 8 Initial Strategy To Be Good At Blogging

Blogging is the Future of Branding. Nowadays we heard about blogging or blogger. But What is blogging? Blog is a website or a platform where you can express yourself.

At present many of us take it as a profession. But how could be blog can received income as a profession? There are many ways to earn from blogging, two of the most popular way to make money from blogging is.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate

Google publish huge advertise on many websites and if your site visitors click on that advertise then google will pay you fixed amount of money. This is google adsense.

Normally, Affiliate means a branch of business. If you start a business as a branch and sell their product then the company will pay you a commission or a dividend. Affiliate marketing is a system that provides advertise for your website, if the visitor click on that advertises and buy that product then the company will pay you a dividend. Actually, you site will promoting their product.

Some Initial Strategy To Be Good At Blogging

1. Theme Selection

Choose a good quality theme or idea for your blog. Give full time to generate an idea you will get the better option to choose the better theme.

2. Where To Setup Blog?

Content is the life a blog. But where to upload blog content? If you are an independent blogger then choose WordPress or if you are a personal blogger you can also choose blogger.

3. Write And Write

If you have enough confidence in your work and if you want to make your work admirable then make short content. Try to express yourself.

At first, celebrate your writings though those are small or irrelevant. It will be merged with your writing and you. Just continue the habit of writing.

4. Use Notepad

Always keep a notepad with you. If you get any idea just write down it in you notepad.

5. Share With Your Friends

When you uploaded your content to your website, share it with your friends. They will be the first reader of your content. If someone snubbing on you, don’t think about them. But if your writing is good then they will read your blog and they will be the primary visitor of your site.

6. Use Social Media

Share your blog posts with social media like facebook, twitter, google plus. This will create regular reader. If your writing is good they will share your blog post and don’t need to promote your content.

7. Engage With Reader’s

Your blog reader can ask you questions or counsel. Always try to answer them it will create relationship between blogger and reader. They will return to your blog for your activeness.

8. Focus On Your Writing

Emphasize on your writings. Create good, specific and engaging article. Because if there is a good thing in your writing people will find you anyhow. If you skip focusing on article writing others will not help you but it doesn’t mean that you will not share your content to social media

Blogging is a passion for me but if I made any mistake please counsel me and don’t hesitate to ask me

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