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What Causes Moles to Suddenly Appear on Skin?

What causes moles to suddenly appear? This question pop up right when you spotted new moles on your face or any part of your body. Although it is not dangerous, some people could become so much insecure because of that they have a mole that has a disruptive on their appearance. Additionally, a mole sometimes can also interfere with their flexibility, for example when shaving (beard, mustache, etc) and when dressing (if often stuck in clothes).

Moles are small brown or black spots on the surface of the skin. Moles are formed from dye-producing cells or skin pigments called Melanocytes. Apart from being brown or rather dark, the color of the mole also has exactly the same color as the skin. The shape is round, oval, protruding or flat. The surface texture of the mole also varies, some are smooth or rough, even some of which are overgrown with fur.

What causes moles to suddenly appear

  • Sun exposure.
  • Genes.
  • Puberty.
  • Hormonal changes.

Direct sunlight exposure contributes to the appearance of moles on your body. Mostly the UV rays on a broad daylight can cause the moles that are already present to darken. Also, it is harmful to your skin tissue. It makes your skin become vulnerable, aging, and sagging. Additionally, you also need to pay attention for the moles that caused by UV light since it is considered to be dangerous, it also could lead to Melanoma (skin cancer).

Most moles have been around since birth, or have only grown after birth in the span of the first 25 years (ages 0-25 years). The average number of moles that grow normally is 10-40 pieces. Some experts claim that the characteristics of moles are inherited from generation to generation (genetic). If someone has a lot of moles or has a mole with certain characteristics, then the offspring can experience also the same thing. But, it’s just that it still can’t be proven scientifically.

While in women puberty and pregnancy, moles are likely to appear and disappear immediately following the changes of their body hormones. These type of moles are not dangerous unless they show the dangerous signs such as, it grows not normally, or it become very itchy. Though, sometimes these moles can also be permanent after their pregnancy or hormonal changes.

Things to do to prevent your moles to get worst

  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.
  • Beware of sunlight between 11:00 and 03:00.
  • Always bring an umbrella and wear a sunscreen if you want to leave the house.
  • If you are worried about a newly emerging mole or notice a change in a long-growing mole, for example the color and edges are uneven, the size is enlarged, or feels itchy, you might want to immediately see a doctor.


Normal moles do not require a medical treatment at all. The treatment is only needed if the mole interferes with your appearance, comfort, confidence, or it is cancerous (you need to see doctor to diagnose it). Moles that only interfere with appearance, comfort, or reduce self-confidence, can be disguised by the use of makeup. Lastly, I hope this article could help you find the answer on what causes moles to suddenly appear on your skin. If you have better example, feel free to leave the comment below.


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